hey do you know the artist of the banner on your sheet music site? please! i'd love to find out

There’s two banners on rotation. I don’t have the artist names but could look into it (not sure will be able to find though). I’m assuming you mean the one that’s not all blue - because the art’s fantastic. :)

Edit: Here’s the source from Pixiv: http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=12255820

Snomits, the download URL for Koman's Karakuri Pierrot is broken. Don't mind re-uploading it on another file hosting site? Thanks a lot!

This post, right?

Updated the link to: http://www1.axfc.net/uploader/so/2730431&key=pierrot

Which works but it’s all in Japanese. Just click the grey button that says “2730431.pdf blahblah”

Edit: I have been rather MIA, and just realized I had a whack load of Asks for this sheet’s link. Thanks everyone for the mail!

Hi,do you have the piano sheet for Koma'n Senbonzakura? you can search 【癒し系】ボカロピアノアレンジ【作業用BGM】 on youtube, I found the 1st song in your website, thank you very much for that! but what about the Senbonzakura, do you have that as well? thanks!

His medley sounds so great!!

Unfortunately I only have the other two Senbonzakura versions though, not koma’n’s. http://snomits2.tumblr.com/vocaloid

I always keep an eye out for koma’n songs though. Thanks!

Snomits, I realized that the Yuuhizaka (piano&melody) mediafire link is set to private. Can you please fix it? Thamk you.

It’s the transcriber’s link, not sure if he/she meant for it to be private or not. I updated the post with a working link.


your pdf for Senbonzakura arranged by Wing is not working :< Do you have another?
i'm looking for uta ni katachi wa nai keredo sheet music, and i found one of your link from google, /post/1400396815, is there any chance for you to re-upload it? thanks before, oh and is it the full version with vocal?

LInk updated!

Piano solo version. Using Google Drive now, so clicking on the link gives a preview before you choose to download!

do you have piano sheets for hirari hirari?

Not for the piano alone, because the original (piano + vocal) sounds too good together! When I try to play solo piano (sheets @ http://snomits.net/sheets.php?x=instrumental):

Right hand -> vocal line
Left hand -> select stuff from the bass or treble clef of the piano staff.

It’s a lot tougher to do that on the fly vs having sheets just for the piano. One could arrange the song for solo piano, but I don’t have one like that.

Do you know where there are some piano sheets for Piko - Sakurane Ballad version?

Oh riight, Sakurane! I know I failed to find any a long time ago when the song first came out. I just did a search again a min ago and didn’t find any sheets for the ballad version. Really? I thought someone would have made sheets for this? If not… I will!?

Koman's piano arrangement for Karakuri Pierrot please!I'm dying for it.

I had quite a few questions about Karakuri Pierrot, just replying to this one so I don’t have tons of posts about the same thing. I just uploaded sheets for koman’s version at http://snomits2.tumblr.com Hurrah! Thanks for the ask everyone!

I'm just very happy that you are gonna to translate spiral alive , really i can't express how much i'm happy

This is an old message. But I’m going to respond to it anyway to say: I really ought to spend more time trying to translate again. It kinda comes in waves. Hopefully I can push another one this year. :)

Hey was just looking through your sheet page, I was wondering where you find Koman's sheet music? I can never find any no matter what/where I search for it! Does he actually release his sheet music?

They are fan transcriptions. Most if not all are from a Nico Nico community. One needs to join it to get the download links. For sure his sheets are tough to find!

where do you get raws from

Googling. Look up the title in English and Japanese. Sometimes throw stuff like “zip” as a keyword in the search. Sometimes I throw a “site:mediafire.com” for example to just search mediafire links. I don’t have any particular site.

My last post here was 6 months ago…? Wow. Dang. Hmm. I’m still alive!

Omigosh. My mail inbox icon again has not lit up to show I have unread messages. Or maybe I checked it once and it stopped lighting up, but I didn’t actually have time to go through it, I don’t know!

m(_ _)m I’ll start responding to some messages.

Corn, corn everywhere

Corn, corn everywhere

Battle Cats. For a free Android game, it’s very presentable. A tower defence game of sorts where you send out your weirdass-Cats to raze the enemy’s base. Also, if you get enough of the premium currency (“cat food”), Samurai-, Ninja-, Sumo-Cats. Even God-Cat.

About God-Cat. I just thought, “Eh, what the hell, I want to see what it looks like.” But once you get it (by spending cat food), you can only activate it by using more cat food, so relish its one free use. ‘Cause seeing God-Cat. Worth it.

You get enough crazy cats when they level and evolve. Then things get strange, and you realize that something must be said about you being the leader of all these oddities.

There are a lot of unlockables including a dictionary or “Enemy Picture Book”. Whoever wrote these had a field day. Like apparently it was really, absolutely necessary to mention the hippo is bisexual. The elephant, the moth - even if you don’t play the game, you should look up the dictionary entries.

It’s a simple game but well done. Also, Cow-Cat’s Forever Alone head = perfect match! Yep, visuals are perfect as they are.